Skider Elevators using more safety features and technologies.


  • Protects against Unintended Car Movement caused by snapping of ropes.
  • Works on a double roller.
  • Over speed governor is a device that activates the Unintended Car
  • Movement device in case of the Lift Crossing the Limit Speed.


  • Centrifugal Over Speed Governor with rope locking system and anti rope slip device used for added safety of the passengers.


  • Skider Elevators adopts the densest infrared light curtain to form a light curtain protection safety net at the entrance of the elevators and can quickly respond to any person or object entering its detection plane.


  • Skider Elevators using Technology access control
  • Unidentified individuals and unknown elements at home and lift by installing premium security systems
  • Limit the access of people with this smart security system brought to you by Skider


Sl. No. FUNCTION  DESCRIPTION Auto Door Manual Door
1 Variable voltage frequency Accurately adjusts motor speed to curve for smooth starting, running and stopping to obtain comfort. S S
2 Full collective /selective operation Registered car and hall calls are answered in the order in which the landings are reached.    The direction of travels is established by the first registered car command or hall call. S S
3 Emergency car lighting When power fails, emergency light in the car will turn on automatically S S
4 Emergency alarm Emergency alarm can be operated by pressing a button in the car, power supply for which is obtained from Ni-Cd batteries. S S
5 Emergency intercom system A system which allows communication between passengers inside car and the building personnet. S 0
6 Auto rescue device This device is used for rescue operation in case of power shut down, it is powered by are chargabie battery. When a sudden power cut happens, a sound signal will comfort the trapped passengers, then the car will move to the nearest floor and the doors open to ensure passenger safety. Meanwhile trapped passengers can get of the car S 0
7 Fireman emergency operation   During fire, When the fireman emergency operation switch is activated, the car calls and hall calls are cancelled and the car immediately returns to the predetermined floor. The car then responds only to car calls which facilitate fire-fighting and rescue operations. S S
8 Multi beam door sensor Multiple infrared-light beams cover the full height of the doors as they close to detect passengers or objects. S -
9 Door reopen with hall call button operation Closing doors can be reopened by pressing the hall button corresponding to the travel direction of the car S -
10 Door closing button with light The door open button in the car operating panel permits to open an auto door, and to keep it open by constant pressure. Door open button will be highlighted if the buttons are pressed. S -
11 Door closing button with light The door close button in the car operating panel permits to close an auto door. Door close button will be highlighted if the buttons are pressed. S -
12 Forced door closing Should an obstacle prevent the door closing, the doors will repeatedly open and close until the object is removed. S -
13 Over load device If the load exceeds the rated load, the sound signal will be given out by Speaker and 'OVERLOAD' will be displayed, the car door will not close and the elevator will not start. The overload condition is removed when the weight of the car falls below the rated load. S 0
14 Motor overheat protection Self protection mode will be achieved if the temperature of the motor exceeds the preset value due to the heat made by motor itself or the high temperature in the environment. The car stops at the nearest floor & once the temperature falls down to normal, the car will recover to the normal mode. S S
15 Over speed protection When down speed is more than the rated speed, this device will cut off the power automatically to stop the motor and car. If the car still continues at an over speed in down direction, the safety device will be activated to force the car to stop. S S
16 Manual rescue operation When the elevator is stuck in between floors, a brake release device is provided to open the brakes and allow the car to move in a controlled manner and bring it to the nearest landing S S
17 Main floor parking An available car always parks on the main floor with the doors open to reduce the passenger waiting time. S -
18 Auto fan on and off If there are no calls for a specified period the car ventilation fan will automatically be turned off to conserve energy. S S
19 Auto light on and off If there are no calls for a specified period the car lighting fan will autoally be turned off to conserve energy. S S
20 Auto light on and off If the wrong car button is pressed, it can be cancelled by quickly pressing the same button againt wice. 0 0
21 Independent service A car can be isolated from the group and then it only responds to car calls independently S -
22 Call arrival chime An electronic chime installed on top / button of the car arrival. 0 0
23 Special buttons Braille inscription to help visually impaired passengers. 0 0
24 door open bell Preset basic messages are announced to the passengers by the door open bell. 0 S
25 voice annunciator and music Preset standard messages are announced to the passengers by a voice synthesizer & playback music while traveling. 0 0

S-Standara, 0- Optional

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